More views on recording life’s every moment

Did my blog on lifecasting peak your excitement (or fears)? You’re not alone. Many of my classmates also found the topic intriguing, posting their own views and info onto the blogosphere.

Karen Hartshorn views life recording technology as inevitable, but also worries for lack of privacy. Loss of privacy is also on the mind of Kenya Ford, who worries about the repercussions of having every moment tracked.

Brynne Tuggle points out some of the positives, such as improved organization and better health care with having every moment stored on a hard drive. Megan Lee also states some benefits (and touches upon the drawbacks) of what would become a completely transparent lifestyle.

But there’s a major drawback both David Kennedy and Matt Brown elaborate upon. That’s the loss of storytelling and imagination in retelling our lives. Given the choice between our abstract memories and cold, factual accounts of every moment, which would we really prefer?

    • karenhartshorn
    • September 30th, 2009

    great use of hyperlinking! cool!

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